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My name is Brittany Donovan, owner and founder of EMERJ Consulting. This practice has been years in the making and officially launched in 2022 with having worked with a range of aspiring entrepreneurs, executive leaders, and business owners.

I am extremely passionate about helping others get clear on their calling, start a business, grow in their leadership and career development, and encourage others through worldly limitations. The hope of launching EMERJ Consulting is to provide counsel and resources for those aspiring to take their endeavors to the next level.


Are you ready to get started? Let’s work together!


Brittany Donovan



EMERJ is here to act as a a sounding board, coach you through your business & leadership venture, and give you in-depth support to help you walk in your PURPOSE!

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Coaching primarily focuses on personal or professional development, empowering individuals to discover their own solutions, clarify their goals, and maximize their potential.

Coaching is often future-oriented, helping clients set and achieve specific goals. EMERJ is here to support you in creating action plans and holding you accountable.

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Consulting centers around providing expertise and specialized knowledge to address specific challenges or projects within your business.

Consultants offer direct advice, solutions, and strategies to clients based on experience and expertise, often providing actionable steps to achieve desired outcomes.

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Alexis S. 

Founder of PIONE3R Physical Therapy & Wellness

Working with EMERJ was incredibly helpful for me. With being a small business owner, I always have a lot of things on my plate. Having set aside time to focus on the things I needed within my business was huge! Brittany always came prepared and with a plan to help me move forward. We first focused on goal setting and then the hiring process. She helped me to come up with questions and a process that I can streamline through each new hire. This process helped me to successfully hire my first employee! I would definitely recommend EMERJ to other new and established business owners!
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